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Situated in the scenic hills of southern Indiana, the Salem Speedway roars to life with upwards of 12-15 “Special Events” per year. With a season stretching from April to November each event is “Special” in its own right with sanctioning bodies such as ARCA, the Must See Racing Xtreme Sprints, the Ken-Ten Pro Late Model Series and the Top Speed Modified Tour helping bring the finest in professional automobile racing to the world famous facility.

Salem Speedway officially opened for business on June 22, 1947, with a Pennsylvania Dutchman Tommy Hinnershitz, winning the 20-lap feature event for AAA “Big Cars”, as sprints were then known, in front of over 7,000 enthusiastic fans. Two Salem residents, James Summers and Everett “Foxy” Roberts, were partners in the operation of the speedway that first year of existence. Since that time, eight different individuals or groups have owned the historic race track with others having leased or promoted the races at various times.